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If you are looking to sell your home. Now is the right time. It is a sellers market and we can help you achieve your goals by selling to the right person for the right price!!

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Looking to Buy a home? As an Investor/Agent I look through a different lens to buying real estate. Not all deals have to be on the MLS or Zillow.. Let me help you find your next home!!

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New to real estate? No Problem. I have spent the last 6 years investing in real estate and would love to share how I got started and how you can too!!


I am your advocate for all your real estate needs.

Family Man, Outdoor Enthusiast, Adventurer

My ambition and calling in life is driven by a deep desire to serve and help those around me. I have always been the one rooting for the underdog and helping others to make their dreams become a reality. My priorities focus on my family first always, a passion for the outdoors and serving in my community. A portion of every deal is donated to a nonprofit organization to further their important work.

My mission is to help people and families achieve their greatest goals through real estate. I am not hard to miss, give me a wave or honk if. I drive by. You literally can't miss me!! I'cant wait to work with you on your next deal or to just talk business and strategize about the adventures of life.

By the way. If you are looking for an adventure. We can help you out. Located in Oakley, Utah, Oakley Rentals is your next stop for paddle boarding, kayaking, and sitting around the worlds best fire pit.

As an Investor/Agent I have learned vision is everything!

Every home has a story, What is yours?

Our first home was a flip someone had done in 2012. That deal to this day is one of the best investments and learning experiences we have ever had. Real Estate has many different strategies besides traditional lending and finding homes on Zillow or the MLS.

These photos are of my home remodel competed in 2012. With help from some amazing friends we took this project on by ourselves. Doing the work gave me a new lens to what to expect from my team in quality control and what it takes to get a project to the finish line. Experience and practical application can make a major impact on how your next deal comes together.

I love life and I love serving, search & rescue is one of the ways I love to give back. I have had some of the most rewarding experiences helping those in need.

A while back I also started a podcast as a creative outlet. It has turned into something amazing. Interviewing Entrepreneur, Investors, and people with an amazing story willing to share. Everyone has a story to share and wisdom to give. Let's be the light and hope in the moments of darkness for others.

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